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Kingdom’s Key has implemented a gifting forward program of which 80% of the net profits will go to Feed the Children.

Here is how the gift chain works:

Purchase a Kingdom’s Key for yourself and one or more friends you want to bless.  We will send all the keys directly to you.


Purchase any number of Kingdom’s Keys and by using the Contact Form below, email us the names and addresses of those you want to bless.  We will send a key to them on your behalf.

With orders of 10 or more keys we offer free personalized gift cards that suit your special occasion. For more information go to our Special Order page.

The gift chain is kept alive as each Kingdom’s Key owner sends a key to other friends.  Those friends in turn will do the same.
Join Kingdom’s Key’s mission to “Feed the hungry in this world and for the next.”

Blessings to all from Kingdom’s Key!

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